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Interview: Kristian Häggblom on A/Fixed

That’s why I’m stressing that none of these projects are going to be cliche. People need to understand that Japan isn’t just about Mt. Fuji and geishas. There’s other layers and I think it’s important to show the complexity of that. And in photography there’s so much interesting work that’s not about the usual people that we know. I think that’s important that that’s driving the project to show the complexities.

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Interview: Mayumi Hosokura

I’m really interested in different ways to show and display images. In the present digital era, photography is not a medium to presented on paper alone. Now we have to think devotedly about how to display images, and even bigger questions, such as what is photography? These new ways of thinking about and questioning photography influence and inspire my dedication to presentation and detail.

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Interview: Tomoki Imai

Well, it’s difficult to explain in English. As a volunteer for blind people, I had to tell them what I could see in detail with no subjectivity. For example, “there are trees 5 metres in front of us, there is 6 steps downstairs/upstairs, two cars are passing so we have to stop here, etc.” It was like phenomenology and I think this influences me more than Zen. Blindness interests me and these experiences influenced both A Tree of Night and Semicircle Law.

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