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Work in Progress: Tomoki Imai - Semicircle Law

These photographs were taken after 3/11 in Fukushima. Imai visited the stricken area often and selected landscape locations 20 km from the 'zone.' where it is silent and mistakenly looks like nothing has happened. Imai quietly questions if the area beyond 20 kms is actually safe? For Tsuka Imai is also working on a video iteration of this powerful project. 

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Interview: Tomoki Imai

Well, it’s difficult to explain in English. As a volunteer for blind people, I had to tell them what I could see in detail with no subjectivity. For example, “there are trees 5 metres in front of us, there is 6 steps downstairs/upstairs, two cars are passing so we have to stop here, etc.” It was like phenomenology and I think this influences me more than Zen. Blindness interests me and these experiences influenced both A Tree of Night and Semicircle Law.

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