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Interview: Kristian Häggblom on A/Fixed

That’s why I’m stressing that none of these projects are going to be cliche. People need to understand that Japan isn’t just about Mt. Fuji and geishas. There’s other layers and I think it’s important to show the complexity of that. And in photography there’s so much interesting work that’s not about the usual people that we know. I think that’s important that that’s driving the project to show the complexities.

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Tsuka Photobook Auction & Exhibition Preview

The Tsuka Fundraising Auction & Preview will be held to raise capital through the auction of participating artists’ photobooks and an exhibition of limited edition purchasable prints from Hajime Kimura’s project Snowflakes Dog Man. The evening will be limited to 50 tickets and Japanese cuisine will be served with refreshments. Audio entertainment will be supplied by Japanese filmmaker, composer and personality Ken Nishikawa via a specially recorded program. Ticket holders will also be entered into a raffle to win illustrious publications. 

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