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Photobook Review: Photograph - Yuji Hamada

As you turn the pages of Hamada’s 2014 publication titled photograph at first and second glance the works seem to expose a connection between the natural and built environments, one can see a kind of harmony that coexists within these two opposite elements. Yet after turning the pages further and getting deeper within the book a sense of beauty and contemplation becomes evident through the use of light and a sense of discovery amongst the vernacular.

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Work in Progress: Tomoki Imai - Semicircle Law

These photographs were taken after 3/11 in Fukushima. Imai visited the stricken area often and selected landscape locations 20 km from the 'zone.' where it is silent and mistakenly looks like nothing has happened. Imai quietly questions if the area beyond 20 kms is actually safe? For Tsuka Imai is also working on a video iteration of this powerful project. 

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