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Work in Progress: Daisuke Morishita - asterisk

A single photograph contains various powers – the beauty of light, the presence of objects and the people, and expressions from shadows. It never points in a single direction. It has distinctive and multiple vectors. We breathe in the places where these vectors come and go.

This is the free space where our mind can swim.

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Photobook Review: HANON - Yoshinori Mizutani

HANON (2016), Mizutani’s latest publication, delivers this darker side of Japan in graphic style. The book features a series of stark B&W images of great cormorants in flocks or perched solely amongst the maze of power lines that dominate the Tokyo skyline. These silhouettes are precariously edited throughout the book and resemble a musical score. This has not gone unnoticed by Mizutani (or publisher IMA) as the title HANON is a reference to the French piano instruction book titled Hanon Complete: The Virtuoso Pianist in Sixty Exercises for the Piano by Charles-Louis Hanon.

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