This section of the website features further insightful links that have been consulted referenced for the production of this project and will assist with further research of Japanese photography.


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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

This San Francisco Museum of Modern Art series focuses on Japanese Photography through in-depth interviews. Watch established photographers who redefined the medium after World War II, and together with still-emerging contemporary practitioners, reflect on cultural landscapes and personal truths.

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GOLIGA produces, creates, and publishes limited editions, experimental book works, and performance-based photography events. The principal objective of GOLIGA is to experiment with innovative ways of disseminating and engaging with photography.

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Ceiba Editions

Ceiba interview with Mayumi Suzuki and the reasons behind her project The Restoration Will. The 87 handmade edition, made after the Photobook as an Object Workshop at Reminders Photography Stronghold in 2016, sold out quickly, the project earned international recognition, and finally was the winner of the 2017 PhotoBoox Award.

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Perimeter x Heavy editions

Perimeter x Heavy is an editorial collaboration exploring contemporary photography, art, design and their various relationships to the published form. Produced in-house by the team at Melbourne-based bookstore, publisher and distribution house Perimeter and Sydney-based photography magazine and online platform The Heavy Collective, Perimeter x Heavy comprises book reviews, interviews, studio visits and features. In this text, Dr. Kristian Häggblom explores Masahisa Fukase's famous 鴉 Ravens photobook.

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G/P Gallery, Tokyo

Established in 2008 in the art complex building NADiff A/P/A/R/T in Ebisu, G/P has discovered and encouraged young Japanese photographers, while organizing the platform for the new photographers such as THE EXPOSED shows and the portfolio reviews opened for young photographers.